History Major and Minor

的 History major and minor programs at SPU seek a deeper understanding of world cultures.


  • Explore the roots and development of our world regional histories.
  • Learn to "do" History through research and internships.
  • Probe more deeply into the ways our Christian faith can speak to human issues.

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History (BA) | 博物馆研究 (BA) | 历史小

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的 History Department launched a new curriculum in 2020 for its History 专业 and 未成年人. 的 new curriculum is designed for students to grow in:

  • cross-cultural insight
  • understanding of historic inequalities and the construction of race, gender, and class over time
  • the cultivation of empathy for others
  • drawing on the past to address the pressing problems of 今天 
  • wrestling with the sometimes dark and difficult periods of human history--wars, 位移, and injustice--and contemplating how the Christian story can speak into these challenging moments.
  • cultivating career-oriented skills and professional experiences through a new "Careers in History" class and internship placement support

的 new sequence of classes for the majors and minors helps students achieve mastery of an essential skill set in an intentional way: students first take classes in "Thinking Historically," then study "Systems in History," and finally learn to "Do History" themselves. 

Our redesigned majors and minor offer students flexibility in their choice of electives while ensuring that students will have broad exposure to many different time periods and world regions. 

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I love working with SPU students both inside and outside the classroom. My classes address some challenging topics like Middle Eastern politics, women and gender in Islam, and the 位移 of refugees worldwide. Students raise thought-provoking questions, and our small class sizes ensure that we can dive deep into conversations together. SPU is also a place where learning doesn't remain in the classroom. Class projects take students into the community where they connect their learning to real-world settings and build relationships. Another thing that I cherish is that SPU professors and students can bring their whole selves into the classroom, speaking honestly about their diverse backgrounds in faith, 信仰体系, 和价值观. 的 result is that the classroom is a transformative place: horizons widen, new passions or career interests are sparked, and our beliefs are challenged and grow. 在一起, SPU faculty and students strive to make the world a more just and loving place, and the classroom is a launching ground to make those changes a reality. 

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博物馆研究方向 supplements the History major core with coursework that helps you prepare for graduate study and employment in the field of museum studies and public history. (Photo courtesy of Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI).)